We have an additional way to support ministry at Holy Cross.  If you would like to bless a certain area of ministry with a tangible item that is needed, but not supported by our budget, please scroll below to see the Preferred Gifts List and learn more.  You may give toward these specific items using a Preferred Gifts List envelope which are in the Narthex or using our Online Giving.  You may fund items in total or make a contribution toward a larger item.  Thank you for your generosity!
Preferred Gifts List - 2019   
ItemLocationPurposeTotal Cost
CabinetMission HallFor Mission Hall to house Selah equipment250
Projector, Mount & ScreenMission HallReplace old technology & mount out of sight. Used weekly during program year and monthly for Selah1200
Flat Screen TVHeritage RoomAdd to Heritage Room for meeting/presentation/class technology (w/ roku)500
FurnishingsLobby and NarthexAdd soft seating
Air Conditioning & storage closetsMission Hall and Heritage RoomProvide for additional programming in the summertime and more comfortable programming in the late spring, early fall and provide storage for Hand2Hand (Heritage) and tables & chairs (Mission)22000
DishwasherKitchenRequested by Daily Shepherd - does not include electrical, plumbing, or installation costs if/as needed.4000

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