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Sermon Series | Memorable Melodies

Songs make ideas stick. Memorable melodies can help us carry marvelous truths. Some songs are engaging because they are new and novel. Others capture us because they have stood the test of time. In the month ahead, we’ll look at a song or hymn of the church each week to more fully appreciate and meditate on the depths of their truths. Our prayer is that it will lead to worship that draws us even closer to God as we gather and increased capacity to carry God’s truths at the front of our minds in all the everyday places we scatter as an everyday people everyday.

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Every week, we seek to teach, inspire, and uplift you through our sermon message. Our Pastors are passionate about studying the Bible and inspiring others to live in the way of Christ. While we worship God as a community, we learn how to apply biblical truths to our every-day lives through the weekly message.

If you’re looking for some support in understanding scripture or need encouragement in your walk with Jesus, check out our YouTube channel and Podbean podcasts. Our pastors have shared messages of hope and healing in times of grief, messages of support for those fighting battles, and messages of purpose for all of us aspiring to live like Jesus.

Sermon | "Chief of Sinners Though I Be" | June 4


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