Serving to Served

Youth Raking Reflections:

Ever notice that when you step out to serve in the name of Christ you end up being served as well. This is what took place last night when 35 confirmation and high school students along with 10 adults took to the yards of three widows from our church to rake their leaves. With great enthusiasm the students hit the ground running ready to serve. The students guided by inspired leadership of the adults did great work for an hour and half as they cleaned up the three yards of our church members as well as the yards of two other neighbors. There was great team work and forming of deeper friendships among the students as they served.

Then the switch came when those being served started serving us. We were met with an abundance of gifts of food, drinks and delicious treats. Even more valuable than treats was the caring words and the stories that the home owners shared with the students and leaders. At one of our houses the home owner came out to pray with us and shared words of encouragement with the students and leaders. Another home owner spent a large amount of time talking and encouraging us as we worked. So many times we the workers were caught saying thank you. The gratitude shown to us from our home owners was a great gift for us to receive.

The students and leaders left feeling accomplished through serving and grateful to have been blessed by those we served.



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