Ministry Highlights: September 2019

Adult Ministry Fall Picnic

On September 12th, despite the rainy weather and having to move the location from Hagar Park,  Adult Ministry kicked off the fall season with a picnic held at Holy Cross. Over 70 people attended the delicious luncheon, that was made with love, by Pat Norton and the Adult Ministry team. Special entertainment was provided by Pastor Brian and Pastor Adam, who led them in singing a few of their favorite songs.

This is the first of many events planned as we launch 55+ Adult Ministry. Please watch for information in your e-announcements.

Family Connect

On Sunday, September 15, families enjoyed park fun, fellowship and sweet treats. While the kids played, parents were able to chat about family, school and the happenings of life with young kids. As we handed out the treats, we were able to share some treats with neighborhood families that happened to be at the park too. It was a great way to extend our Holy Cross care to others in our neighborhood. We encourage you to host a ‘park event’, ‘bonfire’, or ‘ice cream social’ with your neighbors, classmates or sports teams. If you would like more information about how Holy Cross can help assist with your event, please reach out to Heather Pytlowanyj at

Submitted by Heather Pytlowanyj

Spectacular Sundays…Have you seen it? Experienced it?

“We had to move the walls” [so that all the kids could fit in one space for the opening of Sunday School the first day.]


“It was crazy quiet down there, considering how many kids filled that room…they were all attentively listening!”

-Sunday School Volunteer, awed at the 70+ kids during the Sunday School large group teaching time


It’s not just the kids either!  Adult participation in Education Hour classes is up almost 50% compared to the same time period in previous years.


“We need to go find more chairs” said those that came last into adult bible class on the first Sunday.  The Mission Hall was already filled with tables full of people and one commented “It was awesome! We had to line up our chairs along the back of the room! I’ve never seen this room so full during Education Hour.”


Worship attendance is up as well. On average, there’s been 444 people in worship each week in September—that 46 more people per week than last year, 37 more per week compared to the average of the 3 previous years, and almost equal to the average of the 5 previous years.


We’re excited that God is leading so many people to join together to pursue the 1 mission—making disciple-makers—in 2 places (church & home), by investing in 3 relationships (“UP” to the Father, “IN” to other believers, and “OUT” to non-believers.) 

Pursuing all 3 relationships in 2 places is necessary, if we’re serious about accomplishing the 1 mission that Jesus has left to us.  While the task is complex and multi-faceted, thankfully, growth in one place or relationship helps support growth in others.


One adult bible study participant shared that the class has led to exactly that:

“We often struggle to find time to read the bible during the week at home.  However, because of Pastor Brian’s adult bible study, we read 2 chapters of the bible this week!  It’s great to have the weekly readings that we’re supposed to prepare for class. It was the encouragement we needed.”


What benefits have you found from gathering at church for worship or bible class? Have you…read the bible more? prayed more often? talked at home more about God’s promises and how he challenges us to live?

What results are you seeing? Is God prompting you to invest more into “UP”, “IN”, or “OUT”?

We’d love to hear about all the small steps God’s Spirit is leading you to take.  Share them with Pastor Adam at


-Pastor Adam

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