Ministry Highlights – July 2019

Fitness in the Parks Fuels Fellowship


Women’s ministry launched a new event his summer called “Fitness in the Parks”. Women gathered on Tuesdays in July at local parks to connect with one another, enjoy God’s creation and be encouraged in their faith.


Here’s what one participant shared:

“Thank you so much for organizing and leading the “Fitness in the Parks” event at Holy Cross.

The venues were perfect and [leader, Shawn Smith’s] enthusiasm was contagious! It was fun to explore local walking trails as we were encouraged by other women of God in our faith walk, as well.

Thank you so much for making this possible.”

Another shared:

“I had a lot of fun!!…I am hungry for more of God’s word and involvement with others…[and at these events I] got to learn about others more in depth!… [and] I loved your challenge [to think about all I am instead of what I’m not]. Thank you!”

Interested in more fitness related opportunities to grow in faith and connect with followers of Jesus? Holy Cross Women’s Ministry is planning to take a group to “Rev on the Road” Sept. 13-14.  Check out the announcements for details.

-Pastor Adam

Hosting Spoke Folk Mission Team—Inspiring!

Holy Cross had the privilege of partnering with a ministry called Spoke Folk* on July 26th-27th.  We hosted a mission team of 37, including high school and college students and their leaders.  It was great to do for this team what other churches do for our youth group when they go on mission trips.

Spoke Folk led a worship night on Friday night. Those attending we’re inspired by the giftedness and passion of the young followers of Jesus that lead that night.

One parent summed it up well:

“My family was so moved by SpokeFolk. It was an experience I am so grateful we got to witness. My boys were particularly taken with one man, Chris, that really took to our boys. So much so that I was moved to come back Saturday morning to get his contact information so that my boys can write to him and follow him on his SpokeFolk journey. They are excited to have a Texas Pen Pal and I am excited that they will be able to connect with such an inspiring young man. The Holy Spirit worked through these kids and young adults in such a way that left us in awe. God works in us and through us.”

The Spoke Folk team also served at the Food Truck on Saturday, and those who served along side them found that their comfort with praying with others, with singing to the guests and jumping right in and serving gave witness to the fruit of the Spoke Folk Ministry.

One parent described how this ministry helped his kids aspire live on mission:

“It was awesome to see my young daughter looking up to these college students as positive role models.  She was telling me, ‘I want to do that some day’. I can’t think of more beautiful words to hear than that my child wants to tell others about Jesus and show his love.”

-Pastor Adam

*Spoke Folk is a mission trip that trains high school and college students to be missionaries in their daily lives. During their 12-day tour, they will bike from their training site to seven host churches in different communities. After biking approximately 40 miles to their next host church, they share their musical program each evening.

Flint Mission Trip

In July, our high school youth ministry, made up of 11 students and 4 leaders, traveled to Flint for a week to serve the people on the east side at Franklin Avenue Mission (FAM). This is the 3rd week-long trip in a long-term partnership between FAM and Holy Cross. Our trip this summer provided a unique experience, unlike any of our previous trips. While a lot of physical labor was accomplished, cleaning abandoned lots around the neighborhood, building a play structure next to the mission, assembling bunk beds and cleaning out a basement for the Mercy House (a women & children’s shelter opening in September), the more impactful time spent was the relational ministry. A lot of credit must be given to FAM and their presence in the community. They have been intentional about outreach, building a bridge into the community. This provided the opportunity for our group to interact with the community in ways we never have before. Between playing basketball, serving and eating meals, helping with the weekly children’s program, our students spent the entire week creating relationships with people of all ages.

While Jesus was on earth, he spent time dining with the prostitutes and tax collectors. He would reach out and minister to the people that society would tell him he shouldn’t. This is exactly the type of ministry we were able to do in Flint. We broke bread with known prostitutes, criminals, and gang-members, all while being able to have conversations, get to know them for the people they are, rather than the labels society or circumstance has placed on them. The experiences our entire group had paved the way for great conversation, bible study, and perspective altering discussions that will be a building block for our youth ministry in the future.

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