Ministry Highlights: Augusts 2019

Father Son Campout – 2019


“A cord of three-strands is not easily broken”- Ecclesiastes 4:12 set the theme for the weekend.


Rope, a very useful and versatile tool, was the object lesson of our entire weekend. The boys on the campout were asked to come up with a list of different ways to use a rope. Their answers gave a glimpse into some of the fun they had during the weekend: using rope to pull a tube, to catch a fish, to swing into the water and for hanging clothes to dry after playing in the lake.


Our weekend ended with a worship service where each participant took three cords of paracord rope and weaved them together to form a keychain lanyard. Each strand of rope represented someone different: one for Jesus, one for dads and one for sons. The lanyards will be a reminder that there are key connections each of us need … to Jesus … to our dads … to our sons. Father-Son campout continues to be a place these key connections are strengthened. To God be the glory!


Submitted by Jim Hueseman

Hand2Hand Ministry


This school year begins our 10th year with Hand2Hand Ministry! This is a ministry that helps students have a greater chance of succeeding academically, emotionally and physically by providing bags of nutritious food for them to eat over the weekend. Our volunteers put their faith in action and live out the calling to share with others, by sacrificing their time to sort and pack food each week. Volunteers pray for the children and food as it is placed in the lockers at Bursley Elementary, El Puente, Jenison Christian, Jenison High School and the JIA.


Here are a few amazing statistics to share with you:


· We’ve had 50+ volunteers each year supporting this ministry

· Volunteers together served over 490 hours each school year

· Since 2010, volunteer hours total more than 4,400 hours

· We’ve blessed over 800 families

· In the last 10 years, as a result of this ministry, we were able to bless children with 30,000 weekend meals.


Join me in giving thanks for all that God has done through the amazing group of volunteers that make Hand2Hand happen!

Knitting for Others—Way More than Knitting!


“A lot of people knit for themselves, we knit for others.”


One of the hallmark items they knit are “prayer shawls”—a lap blanket sized creation in which the one creating it is continually in prayer for the one that will receive it. These shawls then are distributed to people in need of a reminder of God’s care for them. They’ve been distributed to home-bound members, those fighting cancer, those hospitalized and those who are grieving. (If you know of someone who’d be blessed by one, call the church office, and we’ll give you one to deliver.)


One that received a prayer shawl shared, “It felt like the arms of God were around me.”


Knowing that people are so blessed by this care energizes those who serve with this ministry. They love to be the ‘hands of Jesus’ to those who need it as they knit and crochet and help others learn the craft as well.


They also love the support that they get to give and receive as they get together on the 2nd Tuesday of every month (6:30pm at Holy Cross, if you interested in joining). One described that “we get to share the ups and downs of our lives…we talk about everything…we pray for each other.” Another said, “I appreciate who I get to serve with. I wouldn’t have connected with these ladies otherwise.” It’s a diverse mix of people: some are home-bound, some are friends that aren’t otherwise connected to Holy Cross, some are retired, some are working, some are college students, others are grandchildren attending with their grandmas.


While this group of 26 gathers monthly for a couple hours, it’s a daily ministry for many of them. One described, “It’s a great stress reliever…a perfect way to prepare myself to go to sleep every night…[because] it helps me set aside time to pray.”


So, if you’re looking for a way to connect with other Christians, a purposeful way to fill your time, or a way to grow your prayer life…Knitting for Others might be for you. We’re certainly excited about how God continues to be at work in and through those who partner with this ministry.


-Pastor Adam

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