A Great Weekend in Youth Ministry

Have you ever wondered what takes place on a youth ministry retreat?

Try and imagine the excitement of six junior high students climbing into your vehicle with the energy of a kitten in a basket of yarn prepared to take a 3 hour drive. Let me tell you it is not for the faint of heart.

This is exactly what four brave parents and one giddy youth director did in October. It was our annual weekend Confirmation retreat to Camp Arcadia which sits on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. This was our third year in row of attending a fall retreat at Arcadia! We had 28 students join another 100 students for a weekend of growing closer to Christ and one another.

Our weekend was full as we:

  • Enjoyed engaging sessions led by Leon Jamison, a dynamic pastor from Wisconsin, who shared a message calling us to be courageous followers of Jesus
  • Joined together in times of worship
  • Played games
  • Did group building activities
  • Ate outstanding food

So as you can see a lot takes place on a weekend youth retreat. Students do grow closer to Christ and build great friendships with one another which can simply be described as amazing! 

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