Ministry Highlights: October 2018

Camp Arcadia


"What is God saying to you?" and "What are you going to do about it?" were the questions asked of our students during their fall Confirmation retreat. We spent the weekend looking at how God speaks to us through His word and gives us His Holy Spirit to be imitators of Him. Our weekend wasn’t just lessons, but was filled with games, singing, crafts, good food and a morning worship service on the coast of Lake Michigan!
You might be wondering how did the students answer the questions from the weekend?  Well, a consistent answer made by the students was that they heard God saying that they should be spending more time in their bibles and prayer.  Would you take time to pray that our youth would indeed grow in their bible reading and prayer lives?
Thank God for Camp!


-DCE Jim Hueseman,

Work and Play in October


Flint Service Day

Our High school students participated in a fall service day in Flint. Students spent a cool Saturday doing yard work with sod, fixing a drainage tile and cleaning up the recent firebombing of a soon to be opened police station. Several in our team had not been to Franklin Avenue Mission and it greatly impacted them. One dad shared with me that his son “talked and talked about his thoughts of Flint, wondering how it got the way it is, and what could be done to change it?” Please pray that there will be a great response from our teens as we look to build a team to go serve in the summer of 2019.

Craig’s Cruisers Event

We had a great evening at Craig’s Cruisers, we joined a group of 60 youth and adults from local Grand Rapids Lutheran churches. We did a quick devotion on the mask we wear and then enjoyed a pizza buffet and the many attractions.



-DCE Jim Hueseman,

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