Ministry Highlights: November 2018

Small opportunity to help

-- but a greater amount of perspective gained!


On Sunday November 18, 23 students and 7 adults from Holy Cross joined 40 other students and adults from local LCMS churches to pack and distribute care packages to homeless folks in Grand Rapids. Each church that participated brought different items to put in the packs -- ranging from snacks to gloves and hats. We made over 40 packages to handout and then set out in small groups to distribute the packs.
In our interaction with the people downtown, we had the chance to share that it was Jesus' love that motivated us to share the packs. We also had the chance to spend time hearing about what life is like as a homeless person. One individual shared with a group of our boys that they really should avoid drugs and alcohol as it was what landed him on the streets. We would wrap up our interaction with a prayer for each person with whom we got to share a care package.
During our reflection time, one of our students shared that, she, "found this type of service to be truly meaningful and hopes we can do more service projects like this!”

-DCE Jim Hueseman,

Women's Ministry: Blessing to Serve


God did a lot through the 2.5 hour PIES (Pray, Inspire, Encourage, Serve) Service Event on Saturday, November 17th. Women came to serve others and found that they were served in the process. The 47 in attendance were blessed to make some new friends and deepen their relationships. There were women of all ages—some brought their children, others brought friends along—lots of new faces! It was a comfortable way for someone new to become familiar with Holy Cross and for members to make some new connections. All this happened as they served in a variety of ways. They each made an apple pie—so that they could bless someone they know with a homemade treat. They collectively made 50 ChemoCare Kits for people they don’t know. Each was complete with journals, adult coloring books, lotion, kleenex, hand sanitizer, pill containers, a personal note of encouragement, bookmarks made by our Sunday School students, and a pamphlet from Lutheran Hour Ministries to encourage people facing cancer to find hope in Jesus.
One of those ChemoCare kits has already been such a blessing to someone that we received a note of thanks via Facebook saying: “I am a cancer patient and received a Chemo Care Bag at the Lemmon Holton Center last week. What a blessing for such a thoughtful gift!”


-Pastor Adam Peck,

Red Letter Challenge—

A Widely Embraced Catalyst for Making Disciples

This Fall, our congregation spent 40 days reading the words of Jesus (printed in red colored letters in some bible translations) and putting them into practice.  I was encouraged that so many people embraced the opportunity—we needed 317 books and 225 wristbands to get everyone equipped!  Not only that, many embraced the support of others, as Jesus encourages us to do.  55 people participated in the daily text encouragement. 222 people joined with others in 25 different Life Groups to process their experience and encourage others to continue in striving to hear the words of Jesus and put them into practice.  Of those 25 Life Groups, 8 new groups formed and met on Sunday mornings during Education Hour.  Highlights from those groups:  1) a Life Group for parents of 0-4 year olds has blossomed, and they are excited to continue to connect on Sunday Mornings and support one another in following Jesus and raising their kids to do the same. (They are also ready to welcome more to join them.)  2) One of the at-home Life Groups was so blessed by the 40-day challenge that they plan to do it again as a group in January!
Hearing Jesus’ word is easy to do on your own, but most people need a community around them to put them into practice.  If you’d like to find support for following Jesus (Life Group, Mentor, resources, prayer) or figuring out what your next step is, email


-Pastor Adam Peck,

Thanksgiving Gift Card Drive

For Thanksgiving, we held our annual Donation Drive for Love in the Name of Christ, collecting $5 and $10 Meijer gift cards to be given to our Food Pantry clients. We are praising God for the generous support of our congregation and for their continued support to the Love INC Food Pantry.

-Kelli McCready,

College Care Kits

In November, the Chancel Choir sent out their annual care packages to our college students. They were able to send packages that included snacks, scripture encouragement, and information about upcoming events at Holy Cross to 41 students.  This year was the 13th year that our choir has served in this way, and also the largest number of care packages assembled and sent out!


-Tyler Osmun,

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