Ministry Highlights: July 2018

West Virginia Mission Trip

More than getting stuff done
The following Rolling Stones lyrics capture what took place with our team during our week in Logan West Virginia - “You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you find you get what you need.”
During our week in Logan, we did the normal work of a mission trip: serving the community through a day camp, a reading program and several work projects. Within each of these activities students and leaders met frustration of all kinds. As a group we wanted to be more impactful in our service; however, we got what we needed instead! What we needed was the stirring that took place from the Holy Spirit to move our team to want to know Jesus more fully. We experienced daily devotions, worship and conversations that drew each of us onward in our faith journey. There were several students who shared that when they get back home they want to be in their bibles daily! It’s good to see that God provides all we need, even when it seems it’s not what we want.

-DCE Jim Hueseman,

Whitecaps Men’s Outing

A walk-off sacrifice fly ball gave the win to the Whitecaps which topped of a great evening at the ballpark. Fifteen guys from Holy Cross ranging in age from teenagers to twenty somethings and older enjoyed the great American past time. Beer, pop and hotdogs were enjoyed as jokes were shared along with conversation about what’s happening in life. Bill McCarty shared that, “It’s great that our church is offering more events for men at our church to get together.” Another question was “when will we be going to a Griffins game?” Men, keep your eyes open for future events!

-DCE Jim Hueseman,

Two New Life Groups

This summer, two new life groups have been created, both catering to the young adult demographic at Holy Cross. A group has been started for the college age group, and post-college young adults. Both groups have met several times each month, including bible studies, fellowship events, and service opportunities. If you, or someone you know would like to be a part of one of these groups, please reach out to us!
For more information about the college group, contact Kailey Hawks (616) 570-2595 or Ethan Aniszko (616) 432-1701 or
For the post-college group, you can contact Tyler Osmun at (616) 340-4069 or

-Tyler Osmun,

Breathe…making room for sabbath - Women’s Ministry Summer Bible Study

During July and August, 52 Women gathered to attend Bible Study over the course of five weeks on Wednesday evenings.  We unpacked the Third Commandment using Priscilla Shirer’s Breathe…making room for sabbath bible study.  We joined weekly through large group bible study, small group time, prayer, and fellowship to learn that what is missing is space for God to speak, and room for us to hear.
We discovered how the gift of the Sabbath margin is a boundary that God enables us to use so that we will never become slaves again like the Israelites.  Sabbath margin is a gift to help us find a rhythm of grace and peace in Christ Jesus.
Each night we not only gathered for bible study, but also a group continued the fellowship at The WIN. We gathered at Panera Bread in Grandville for a Study Conclusion Fellowship Celebration on our final evening together.


Here's what women had to say about it:
“[It was great to] bring to the front of our consciousness that we are too busy, have too much stuff and need to focus on the real prize - Jesus Christ.”
“[It helped me engage in] self-evaluation and personal reflection of where God is in my life - evaluating my personal space to include God and [helped me recognize] the blessings I have and [gave me the] courage to release the clutter.”
Many found it to be a warm and welcoming experience filled with “conversation, laughter, encouragement, and depth of study.”
Another asserted that “I was able to get to know more ladies from church, [because we were welcome] to pick a different table every week [for the discussion].”
In our over scheduled lives, Lord please give us rest.  Help us to learn to cease, to stop, to pause and not become slaves to the tyranny of the urgent. ~ Deuteronomy 5:6-21

-Pam Danckaert,

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