Ministry Highlights @ Holy Cross

Greetings Friends of Holy Cross,

I am so excited to share some recent “Ministry Highlights” with our entire family of faith.  Those directly engaged in these ministries have already heard these powerful stories and seen these great photos—but in the past weeks I’ve discovered that the “whole family of faith” is eager to know more about what God is doing in and through the people and ministries of Holy Cross.

So here is our first installment of a new photo based communication feature that I believe will leave you rejoicing in God’s work among us.  Each ministry story can also be a prayer starter—inviting you to pray for those impacted through serving or being served.

I’d like to thank the ministry leaders of Holy Cross and our new communications director Johanna Dexter for sharing these great stories with all of us today!!

To God be the Glory!!



Pastor Sommerfeld

Jenison Serve – Hot Cakes and Rakes

This inter-generational men’s service event included 35 guys. Fathers, sons, grandpas & grandsons gathered for a pancake breakfast on Nov. 19th and served 7 of our neighbors and congregation members.  In the midst of the falling snow, they carried away 8 trailers filled with leaves.  They also cared for each neighbor by praying with them as part of their service to them.

Their service was appreciated. Here’s what one of the neighbors wrote:

“Thank you also so much for taking care of our leaves…even in the cold and snow.  I had knee surgery and was unable to take care of them this year.”
“It was so nice to see the young people helping.”

Cradles of Grace

Our ministry to single young moms had their annual apple pie making night the week before Thanksgiving.  We made a dozen Dutch apple pies to enjoy and to share and had too many laughs to count!  These young moms have so much fun each Thursday night studying God’s Word, coloring or making crafts, and doing service projects together.  The best part is showing them how God is working in their lives, helping them set and complete goals, and walking with them through some difficult circumstances!

Family Seedlings – 3 & 4 Year Old Family Sunday School

This fall kicked off a new ministry that involves parents and students together in Sunday school. Our goals are to give parents experience teaching their children the faith, starting young in order to build confidence as their children get older. Through the leadership of Lani Dohrman, Emily Becker, Jamie Biesner and Nicole Church a weekly interactive class takes place for students and parents (also grandparents) alike.

Youth Ministry Fall Retreats

There were two different retreats this fall, one for Confirmation students and another for High School students. In October, 26 Confirmation students and 6 adults spent the weekend at Camp Arcadia. Then in November, 15 High School students spent the weekend at Concordia University, Ann Arbor.

Through both retreats students grew in faith and friendship with one another. Retreats continue to be a great way to get to know other students in the youth ministry, while also providing time away from normal routines to grow closer to Jesus!

Upcoming Retreats:
High School Winter Retreat – February 24-26
Confirmation Spring Retreat – March 24-26

Youth Ministry Visits American House

This year our youth ministry (both high school and confirmation) students have committed to going once a month to the senior living center here in our neighborhood. We have had numerous students spend time getting to know the residents as we have played games and held craft activities. We make our visits on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 5-7:30 p.m.

Upcoming Visits:
December 21 – Christmas Caroling

High School Youth Group

This fall we have had a wide range of events and activities for the high school students here at Holy Cross. We have been out in the neighborhood with games like “Bigger and Better” and the “Fast Food Challenge”. At church we have spent time creating paper mache masks, food competitions and praying and sharing life together.

New Milestone!!

We have added a new milestone in our Milestone Ministry for 5th & 6th graders:  “Becoming a Man of God” and “Becoming a Woman of God”.  These dads & sons and moms & daughters will enjoy an offsite weekend retreat in January 2017.  During this special getaway parents and children will spend time talking about critical issues that adolescents face during their teenage years.  There will be a parent meeting prior to this milestone to help prepare parents for these conversations.

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