Ministry Highlights: December 2018

Christmas is for Sharing

The Bible says in Deuteronomy 16:17, "Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you." We are praising God for the multitude of generous donations collected during the month of December for our Christmas is for Sharing ministry. This year, we were able to bless six families through this ministry, and see that they all had a wonderful Christmas! It is always a very heartwarming time of year to be able to sort and prepare all the gifts for delivery to these families and each year. I am touched by the love and care our congregation shows to help those in need in our church and community. Thank you Holy Cross, God’s richest blessing to you this New Year.

-Kelli McCready,

Children's Christmas Celebration

& Daily Shepherd Christmas Program

Hearing the story of Jesus’ birth through the voices of our youngest members

On Sunday, December 2nd, our Youth Praise Team, Confirmation Praise Team, Children’s Choir and Sunday School kids shared their talents through song, instrument and verse. On Monday, December 3rd our ministry partner, Daily Shepherd, shared the Christmas story with the musical stylings of the preschool kids, using handbells and singing.

-Heather Pytlowanyj,

Puppets Ministry

Our Holy Cross Puppet Ministry has been very busy this Christmas season. We put together a 45 minute musical titled "A Lamb's Tale" where Zeke, a young Bethlehem boy, was trying his best to decide what he wanted to be when he grows up. He seems sadly destined to be a shepherd just like his father and grandfather until one night when his special little lamb, Snowflake, got lost. In his search, Zeke discovered a newborn King and the joy of fitting into God's plan for his life.
Our small team of 11 awesome students, along with two adult helpers and 135 different props where able to entertain many seniors at both American House and Sheldon Meadows. We are blessed to share our time and talents with so many people this Christmas season.

-Deann Hurn,

Christmas Concert Service

If you experienced the Christmas Concert Service and you were only inspired by what those groups delivered for the service that day, you missed the best part. What was obvious was the excellent musicians and performers. What might have slipped by you was that each of these groups are amazing discipleship machines that especially excel at making disciples that are experiencing community. The community that they’ve created was just as much on display—it showed on their faces and in the excellence of what they delivered. It was fun just to be in the room while the groups enjoyed the sum total of all their hard work coming together in one service. We are so blessed that so many have such joy in using and sharing the gifts that God has given them! If you’d like to grow as a disciple, find a place to serve with others. If you’ve got musical talent, all the teams are always open to welcoming more people to experience the community they build around using their skills to help us worship God. Contact Kelli McCready to get connected one of them.

-Pastor Adam Peck,

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