July Ministry Highlights


On July 22, 2017, Holy Cross sponsored another Feeding America Food Truck with 15,000 pounds to serve to our local community. 62 volunteers were excited and ready to share Jesus with the 166 households that walked through our doors. We were blessed by many youth volunteers who were participating in Jenison Serve for their Confirmation event.
Our Young Families added a fun new twist to the truck by cooking and serving food items that our visitors would be receiving that day. They lovingly prepared delicious samples for our visitors to taste-test and provided them with recipes and a shopping list to take home. A great addition to our mission of serving our community that we hope to continue with future trucks!
A special little girl walked through our doors, sporting ‘Hello Kitty’ from head to toe. One of our volunteers remembered unpacking a large ‘Hello Kitty’ sheet cake when unloading the truck. We sent a very happy little girl home with a huge cake and an even bigger smile!

Confirmation Servant Event – Jenison Serve

For five days this past July, 18 students became a community as they served, played and lived together during their summer servant event. Our students had the opportunity to bless a dozen different folks here in Jenison, Hudsonville and into Kent county. Students were involved in cleaning overgrown yards and tree damage from summer storms. They demolished one barn, scraped and painted another barn, and power washed a deck. Then on Saturday our students served at the Food truck.
Our students did a great job with at all their sites but one site in particular left our volunteer coordinator from Volunteers in Service with this to say, 
“The first words I have to say are OH MY GOODNESS!!! The difference in Linda's yard is unbelievable!! Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words!! Those kids must have worked their tails off, and it was so terribly hot too! Amazing!!”
Event after event folks are blessed by the efforts of our students while at the same time our students gain a greater desire to serve others. 
Thank you to all the volunteers for your help with meals, housing, travel and as site leaders! You were key to the success of this event.


Selah is a 45 minute gathering for those to come "pause and reflect" through singing and prayer.  This night of praise and prayer has been occurring on the first and third Sundays of the month during these past summer months. At Selah, you might find the environment a little more contemplative and relaxed.  One attendee described it as this,
"On a Sunday evening, Selah is an absolute peaceful & positive way to prepare myself for the week to come. Selah praise & prayer helps me feel centered. Life “stuff” is hectic and our days can be filled with happy and sad. The time of singing worship music and prayer is a time to focus & reflect solely on God.  And in this fast pace world, it’s so needed."
Moving into the Fall Program Year at church, Selah will be a little more periodic, due to the amount of all the activities that go on during that time.  Our next Selah will be on October 29th at 7pm.  This Selah will be focused on the celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and will be a hymn sing led by contemporary instruments.  
We pray you can come check it out and bring a friend.  

Gospel of Mark – Women’s Ministry Summer Bible Study

This has been a great study of Jesus through the DVD teaching by Lisa Harper and our weekly “homework”.  We have had time to connect with each other on Wednesday nights through prayer, worship songs, and small group time.  One woman said, “I love the way she (Lisa) teaches the story and throws in her life experiences that most people can relate to.... plus she's southern and I love her accent.”

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