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Please Take the Worship Survey Today! We want to Learn from You!!
           Please take this worship survey so we can learn more about what blesses you and everyone who worships at Holy Cross.  The survey is available electronically (see link below) and in print at the church office.  Can you complete this today? The survey is open and available until Monday, November 21 at noon.  Thank you!!
           This survey seeks your input concerning all three worship styles and times (8:30, 11:00 and sundays@six).  It was introduced on Sunday during the Congregation Meeting as part of the plan to better understand what blesses you and others in your worship life.  The survey also explores your interest in particular ways we might further “enhance and enrich” the already popular 11:00 worship experience.
Important Update on sundays@six
              In 2016, we have taken bold steps to enrich our worship life at Holy Cross and to better connect with 18-35 year olds.  This worship survey is the next step in that ongoing process.  As Pastor Peck and I described during the Congregation Meeting—we had hoped that the 18-35 year-old members of Holy Cross that weren’t connecting as much with our other ministries might find sundays@six a good entry point.  We’ve found that in its current form and time, sundays@six is not reaching that goal.  So rather than just pushing ahead and ignoring what we’re seeing, we’re trying to see what we can learn—so that we better serve 18-35 year olds and all generations.
                After much reflection and prayer we are already learning very important lessons from our initial launch of “sundays@six”—things that can continue to enrich our worship life and things that can further our ongoing quest to better connect with 18-35 year olds.  And with your input via the survey we believe we will have even more to learn.  With this in mind, during December and January, we’re pausing sundays@six to create space to re-evaluate how best to move forward in our pursuit to connect with and care for 18-35 year olds and to further enrich the worship life of everyone who calls Holy Cross home. 
                We think that with your input and prayers, we’ll be better be able to understand where God is leading us.  Would you be part of this mission by filling out this survey about current and future worship at Holy Cross?  We look forward to what God has in store for us.
That you for your partnership in the mission,
Pastor Sommerfeld            Pastor Peck

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