Women Serving Women

What can 17 women accomplish when they set their minds and heart to something?  Incredible and Awesome things!!

On the afternoon of May 15 Woman’s Ministry offered 2 different service events.  One option was to stay at Holy Cross and prepare freezer meals for the Hope House in Grand Haven.  The Hope House is a shelter home for women helping them get back on their feet when they find themselves homeless because of life’s challenges.  The small army of women made 8 freezer meals to feed over 20 people each!

The other service option was to work outside at a member’s home in need of yard work help.  The group of women who chose this job didn’t let the cold weather deter their efforts to make a difference (it snowed that morning!!).  They worked on yard clean-up, planting, power washing, laying down bark, raking, etc.

I was in awe at all the work that was done in just one afternoon and the joyful spirit that these women served with.

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