Faith, Family, and Breakfast

What's your idea of a "family breakfast? Is it throwing some cereal in a bowl, pouring some milk on top, adding a spoon, finding a place to sit anywhere in your house but your table and calling it good? Sometimes, perhaps. 

On Palm Sunday we wanted to offer you more than just a "Quick meal". Over 40 families from our Children and Youth Ministries, along with some friends, worked through a devotion on the last week in Jesus' life as they made a pancake breakfast, together. Each of the ingredients tied into the devotion.

As family members took turns reading and praying, those listening drew pictures of what they were hearing. Children and adults enjoyed this part of the morning greatly. 

Les Bell and Esther Kirkendall helped keep extra pancakes coming for those who just couldn't get enough of this delicious breakfast. Topping them off with chocolate chips, sprinkles, and cool whip we were blessed by the many smiles on the faces of our families. 

We want to thank all those teams that helped make our 2nd annual Holy Hot Cakes Family Event such a blessing for everyone who joined us.

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