Too many followers of Jesus read the Bible but never fully put those words into practice. The results?  Jesus followers miss the blessings God desires to give
...and the world gets a poor picture of who Jesus is—we can’t be content with that!


What would happen if we read & followed Jesus’ words?  buy provigil egypt We’ll find out when we take on the “Red Letter Challenge”.


It involves a daily commitment to read one quote directly from Jesus (often highlighted in red letters) and strive to accomplish a practical challenge based on those words.
If we do this together, getting support through weekly life groups and Sunday worship, following Jesus will lead to things we never thought were possible.


Want daily text message encouragements during the RLC?
Text click @hclc-rlc to 81010


Challenge accepted?


The Sunday morning message introduces the topic for each week of the Red Letter Challenge. Did you miss it? Want to share it with someone else? You can find it here.

Here are your resources for walking with other people through the Red Letter Challenge.  There are videos introducing each week's topic and discussion questions to help you process your experiences.

Follow along with each day of the Red Letter Challenge by picking up a book and bookmark in the narthex.  Here you'll find the schedule of what to read each week. Day 1 is October 9th.

Share with us how the Red Letter Challenge has impacted you or those around you.  When people see how God is at work in you, it will be easier for them to see how He is at work in them.  Help inspire others.