Holy Cross is honored to come alongside our families to equip, encourage, and strengthen them in their faith for the challenges of these milestones. Along with informative and practical classes, each milestone includes a worship blessing.

All classes will meet on Sunday morning during the Education Hour from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m., unless otherwise stated.
2016-2017 Brochure

Infants/Children and Parents

The Journey of Faith begins with Water and the Word. God makes eternal promises and parents promise to make their home a faith-forming center. To schedule a “Getting Ready for Baptism” class please contact the church office.

Two-year olds and Parents

Enjoy seeing faith grow through singing, stories, and praying to Jesus?  Parents and two‑year olds are invited to a class specially designed for them that meets in the nursery weekly during the school year.

Four‑year olds and Parents

Prayer is a gift from God. God wants us to bring all our praises and requests to Him any time of the day. Each four-year old will receive a prayer pillow and an age appropriate book to help them learn how to pray.

First Graders and Parents

Parents fulfill the baptismal promise to “place the Holy Scriptures” into their child’s hands. In a two week class parents are able to highlight and write “special notes” in a Bible (which is provided) that they will give as a gift to their child. On the second week, first graders join their parents for a time of sharing and Bible exploration.

Third Graders and Parents

Money Management is a great way to teach children the value of money and work and also the joy of giving. Parents and third graders will meet to learn and discuss the importance of Giving, Saving, and Spending.

5 & 6 Becoming Retreat

The “Becoming a Woman of God” and “Becoming a Man of God” retreats provide a special getaway for a parent and their child where they get to talk about critical issues adolescents will face in the next few years. The retreats will be taking place on the same weekend but different venues - January 27 – 28, 2017.

Fifth Grade & up and Parents

The sacrament of Holy Communion brings forgiveness of sins, communion with the living Christ, and strengthened faith for daily life. Fifth Graders and their parents meet together for four weeks for First Communion preparation. Students will take their First Communion on the fourth week during the late service.

Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Graders

At this Milestone, each youth takes a more active role in their faith training as they learn about Living the Mission as a disciple of Jesus through Bible study, service, and community building. Parents continue to be the most influential role model for living a faith-filled life as they join in our weekly Sunday morning Confirmation class, September - May.  New this year we are adding a Living the Mission Mentor for our 8th grade students starting in January 2015.


Ninth Graders and Parents

Learning to drive is all about getting the “keys.” This Milestone helps parents and new drivers explore the “keys” to gaining greater freedom and responsibility.

High School Seniors

Graduates seek God’s direction for their lives.  God promises to guide them and they promise to worship Him while serving others with their unique gifts and talents. Students will meet for the “Getting Ready for College” workshop. Students and parents will meet during the education hour for support and encouragement.


All College Students

The temptations are strong at this Milestone, and yet faith often becomes most real and meaningful. Strength still comes from worship, service, and outreach.

All Married Couples

In marriage, two become one. Having Christ in the midst of your marriage is the secret ingredient to a fulfilling Christian marriage.

Unplanned Challenges of Life

During unplanned times it can be helpful to share the struggles with someone not emotionally involved.  Our Mentor Ministry can offer a listening friend that will walk beside you to offer support, encouragement, and empathy. Mentors attend a 4 week training and each situation will be protected confidentially. For more information contact Deb Cheyne, Director of Adult Ministry.