We have an additional way to support ministry at Holy Cross.  If you would like to bless a certain area of ministry with a tangible item that is needed, but not supported by our budget, please scroll below to see the Preferred Gifts List and learn more.  You may give toward these specific items using a Preferred Gifts List envelope which are in the Narthex or using our Online Giving.  You may fund items in total or make a contribution toward a larger item.  Thank you for your generosity!
Donation ReceivedItemPurposeItem CostTotal Cost
Stands for Lights (2)Mounts and holds 4 lights at appropriate height. Supports evening Selah.$35/each$70
Mount for Mission Hall ProjectorMounts new projector, replacing current projector on cart and out of the way and sight line. Supports Confirmation class, evening Selah, Congregation meetings +.$90$90
XDesk Chair Replace worn desk chair for Senior Pastor.$250$250
ScreenReplace screen in Mission Hall. Supports Confirmation class, evening Selah, Congregation meetings +.$250$250
Lights for Mission Hall (4)Used to light up band members faces. Supports evening Selah.$70/each$280
3-Shelf Collapsible Wire Utility Cart (2)Replaced aged carts in the kitchen. Supports Food Truck, Lenten meals, Narthex hospitality +.$210/each$420
Piano dollyWill make moving the piano in the sanctuary easier and help piano to stay in tune. Supports Fine Arts, Worship.$550$550
ProjectorReplaces current projector on cart. Supports Confirmation class, evening Selah, Congregation meetings +.$560$560
XCoffee pot/shuttles for new coffee system (2)Allows coffee to be served in Narthex and in Education Center on Sunday mornings. Supports hospitality, building community.$350/each$700
Two-way Radios (4)New two-way radios for Church Security Team & Deacons. Enhances building security.$200/each$800
XDrinking Fountain/Water Bottle Filling Station Replace broken drinking fountain in Narthex near restrooms & nursery & add water bottle filling station. Enhances hospitality.$1,200$1,200
Security Cameras (6)Add additional security cameras to the 10 already in place. Enhances building security.$300/each$1,800
New Phone System - HardwareReplace aged phone system to include wireless headset for front office & improved, easier to use message system. Supports staff and congregation communication.$7,000$7,000
Air Conditioning in the Mission Hall & Heritage Room, including building storage closets in both rooms.Allows additional programming in the summertime and more comfortable programming in the late spring, early fall and provides storage for Hand2Hand (Heritage Room) and tables & chairs (Mission Hall)$22,000$22,000