Worship Service: 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

500th Anniversary of the Reformation Worship Service

Wondering what “The Reformation” is?  Let Rev. Matthew Harrison, President of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod explain it to you in 2 minutes: http://lutheranreformation.org/#modal

Top 3 reasons this worship service is worth your time:

1. It’s a Celebration that Fits the Occasion.

Big anniversaries call for big celebrations. It’s hard to get bigger than a service with 10,000+ people, 1,000+ voice Adult choir, 3 honors youth choirs, and a nationally-recognized Lutheran preacher. The Reformation is monumentally significant for world history and religion alike. Christians, not just Lutherans, not even just Protestants, around the world are celebrating this anniversary. Even Prof. Michael Root from The Catholic University of America asserts that “the Protestant Reformation is in many ways is the most significant event in Western Christian history.” (pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/2017/02/03/500th-anniversary-protestant-reformation/34420/)

2. It Will Help You Share Jesus.

Big celebrations lead to big questions. From early on kids know that Easter and Christmas are a big deal…why? Because we make a big deal out of them. Celebrate big and people ask… “why?” Come to the service and you’ll get to an opening to talk about Jesus and what he’s done for you with whoever you bring along and whoever you chat with the week after. Because it’s a world history event and a religious one, it will feel even more comfortable talking about it with those who normally wouldn’t be interested in anything religious. Even if it only leads to a conversation around the dinner table, you get a natural, organic opportunity to talk about the significance of the good news that was reclarified through the reformation: we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, through the word alone. Our hope comes not from money we pay or things that we do, so we can always be confident that what has been done is enough—Jesus did it all! That message got lost along the way in the Christian church, so it’s rediscovery in the reformation is worth celebrating.

3. It Will Deliver Encouragement that a Normal Sunday Service Can’t.

Do you ever wonder: “How will God accomplish much through me, my little family, or my church in a world so big and so uninterested in Him?” It’s tempting to feel alone and hopeless in fulfilling God’s mission for you in the small corner of His kingdom where you live. That’s why we’re encouraged to not give up gathering together with other Christians (Hebrews 10:25). Can you imagine the way that the hair will stand up on the back of your neck as 10,000 voices sing and pray and confess our common faith in unison? It’s going to feel like a taste of heaven! We are together in mission--blessed to be dispersed all over so the good news can spread, and we, by our collective presence together, will be encouraged in that mission as we stand together that day. It’s one thing to know that you’re not alone in this. It’s another to stand together in person. Don’t miss the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be encouraged by the presence of other Lutheran Christians from around Michigan whom you’ve never met, but are following Jesus with you.

What’s happening?

• On Sunday, October 15, 2017, ten thousand-plus Lutherans from all over the state of Michigan and beyond will gather at the Breslin Center on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing for a once-in-a-lifetime worship event as they celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation together with the Lutheran church and with Christians the world over.
• 1,000-voice adult choir, representing the combined gifts of hundreds of LC-MS congregations
• a composite children’s choir representing our many day schools and congregations with children’s worship choirs
• Rev. Dr. Patrick Ferry will serve as our preacher for this special service. Dr. Ferry serves as the president of Concordia University with campuses in Mequon, WI (CUW) and in Ann Arbor, MI (CUAA). His theme will be, “Here we stand! Here we go!”


Why reserve tickets?

While tickets are free, we still need you to reserve your tickets with us to ensure a spot for the service.  We are aware that there are also other places/websites reserving tickets, but by reserving with us you guarantee that you will be sitting in our Holy Cross section. We can't wait to worship with you!

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